Board Members, Staff & Volunteers

Here at Recycle Livingston, our volunteers and staff are working hard to make recycling convenient for you. We appreciate your effort to reduce the waste stream of Livingston County by recycling with us. Through your efforts, over 400 tons of material have been diverted from landfills every year and processed through our facility.

We at Recycle Livingston welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions. Feel free to contact us or attend one of our meetings. Meetings are held at the East Complex of the Livingston County Drain Commissioner’s Office, 2300 E Grand River Avenue in Howell at 6:30 pm. Our last meeting for 2018 will be held Thursday, November 8th.

2019 Meeting Schedule:

January 10th * March 14th * May 9th * June 13th - Annual General Membership Meeting * September 19th * November 14th

2020 Meeting Schedule:

January 9th * March 12th * May 14th * June 11th - Annual General Membership Meeting * September 10th * November 12th

2019 – 2020 Current Board Members

John Boris, President

Steve Koblylarz - Vice President

Phil Smith, Secretary

Richard Farr, Treasurer

Michael Pheney, Member-at-Large

Scott Mueller, Member-at-Large

Frank Melick, Member-at-Large

Steven Cribley, Member-at-Large

Regular Staff and Volunteers

Julie Cribley, Executive Director

Deb Stempien, Office Assistant

Bruce Dunlop, Site Manager

Maribeth Campbell, Site Manager

Jim Tomalia, Site Manager

Bonnie White, Site Manager

Steven Cribley, Site Manager

Scott Mueller, Site Manager

Margaret Launinger, Site Greeter

Sandra Macut, Site Greeter