Items Not Accepted

No Plastics are currently accepted from anyone that is not a member of Recycle Livingston

Ink Jet Cartridges

  • We no longer accept any ink jet cartridges for recycling.  Call Staples, Office Depot, or Cartridge World for details on their ink jet recycling programs.


  • We can no longer accept brown, green, or blue glass until further notice.
  • We cannot accept drinking glasses, mirrors, perfume bottles, glass shelves or table tops, leaded glass, windows, auto glass, ceramic dishes or Pyrex glass.

Hazardous Materials

  • No hazardous material containers of any kind.   Nor do we accept 5 gallon containers of latex paint.  Check with Habitat for Humanity

Plastic Bags

  • No plastic bags 
  • No Ziplock plastic bags.
  • For more information on where to recycle plastic bags and plastic film, go to


  • We cannot accept high heeled shoes, flip flops, slippers, or torn up shoes.

Some Specific Items We Cannot Accept:

  • No Water Softener Tanks
  • No Barbed Wire
  • No Carpeting or Carpet Padding
  • No Insulation Foam
  • No Smoke Detectors
  • No Varnishes, Pesticides, or Chemicals
  • No Glossy Snapshot Pictures
  • No Furniture or Mattresses
  • No Window Blinds
  • No Light Bulbs
  • No PVC Pipe – even though it may contain a recycling symbol. This plastic is too hard and brittle for our compactors to handle.
  • No Foil-like Gum Wrappers
  • No Fast Food Lids or Straws
  • No Dishes, Glass Cookware, or Drinking Glasses
  • No Wood or Wood Products such as Decks, Fencing, etc.
  • We cannot accept packing peanuts. Check with a local UPS store as they often accept them for reuse.  Nor can we accept Styrofoam Insulation.
  • We cannot accept plastic lumber, plastic lattice or mini blinds.

You can contact the Livingston County Solid Waste Program for instruction on how to dispose of many hazardous or difficult items.