Recycle Information

Thank you for taking the time to learn about exactly what materials we can accept for recycling and how to prepare the materials for our volunteers to process. Keep in mind that we are all guilty of wishful recycling. We have an item and we are sure it can be recycled because it looks exactly like one of the items we accept. However, it does not meet the criteria. Our vendors need some way to establish easy-to-follow guidelines and we want to make sure we are recycling 100% of the materials that you bring in. If we engage in wishful recycling, we run the risk of ruining the material and not having the material 100% recycled.

Remember, we are a nonprofit volunteer-run recycling drop off site and if we have to pay to recycle, we may have to pass along the cost. From time to time, at a request from our vendor, we may have to change the materials we accept. Sometimes we find out we can begin to accept a new item. The markets for recyclable material are always changing as does the pricing. So please be patient with us if we request changes in how and what you can recycle.

We love phone calls. If you have a question about what materials we accept or how to prepare it, just call us at 517.548.4439. If we are unavailable to take your call, we will get back with you as soon as possible.

So with this thought in mind, let’s begin!


"Why," you might ask? We have several vendors that only take one material, so we need to keep all the materials separated and clean. See, that is easy to understand, right? And our goal is to manage our waste by recycling, not disposal.     

Our volunteers will greet you when you arrive and unload your car for you. However, if your materials are not separated, your wait will be longer as we truly want to process everything you brought to us and it takes some time for us to sort.