MDEQ Minute Video on Recycling

Hold up a minute!  Should you throw that in the recycling bin? 
Watch this video to find out.

Did you know that $400 million of recyclable materials ends up in Michigan landfills every year? If they were recycled, those materials could be used to make new products, save resources, and support jobs.

The DEQ recognizes that in order to reach Governor Snyder’s goal on increasing recycling rates to 45%, we need to make sure people are recycling right. That’s why we released this latest MDEQ Minute Video on Recycling. The purpose of this video is to help explain why it’s important to be careful about what you place in your recycling bin. 

This spring, help us grow recycling in Michigan by recycling right!

Here's what you can do.

·         Watch this video and share with friends and family. 

·         Check out our recycling 101 booklet, or visit to sort out more recycling facts from fiction.

·         Subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Our channel is regularly updated with new content, including conference keynote and highlights, recorded webinars covering basic training, and these MDEQ Minute video series. 


Julie Cribley