Changes in Recycle Livingston’s Television and  Electronics Collection Schedule and Fee's

Effective 03/01/2016

2016 is starting out to be another challenging year in our efforts to keep toxic, Hard-to-Recycle items out of our local landfills.

We have been advised that effective March 1, 2016, the fees charged to Recycle Livingston to have televisions and computer monitors responsibly recycled are increasing significantly and that new fees, for the other electronics we collect and recycle, are being added. As a result, the Board of Directors has determined that the following changes in our Electronics Collection fees will be the only way we can continue to accept and recycle such items.

Following are the new fees for TV’s and monitors (CRT, LED or Plasma) that will apply effective March 1st:

Screen Size Member Fee Non-member Fee
Up to 32” $25.00 $35.00
32" - 42" $35.00 $45.00
Over 42” & Consoles $45.00 $55.00


Therefore, as of the first of March, we will use the following fee schedule for all miscellaneous electronics so we can continue to responsibly recycle them.

  • Small (keyboards, coffee makers, laptop computers, etc.) $3/item
  • Medium (CD players, lamps, toaster ovens, heaters, fans,computer towers, etc.) $5/item
  • Large (vacuum cleaners, microwaves, printers*, etc.) $10/item
    *non-commercial printers (commerical printers can be recycled however the price will be based on size)

The Board sincerely wishes that we could have avoided an increase in our fees for TV’s and monitors and to have been able to continue the collection of miscellaneous electronics without any fees. However, we have no other source of funds to cover the increased charges, and we believe our members agree it is important to keep these toxic materials out of our local landfills. We understand that this change may prove difficult for some and will continue to make every effort to identify and share cost-effective alternatives for our members.

Electronic waste being dumped in local land-fills poses a serious potential health risk. Many electronic devices contain lead, mercury, cadmium, and other hazardous materials that could, over time, leach into our aquifers. A number of electronic retailers have discontinued their Manufacturers Take Back Programs that were subsidizing some of the recycling costs; and, as a result, many electronic waste recycling collection services have been discontinued due to the increasing cost of responsibly recycling these items. The bottom line is that without our Electronics Collection program, more electronics will end up in local land-fills.

As always, Recycle Livingston is committed to the best and safest practice of recycling. We are proud to be working with Comprenew, one of only 68 e-Stewards certified electronic recyclers in the world; and the only one headquartered in Michigan.

We cannot thank you enough for your understanding and continued support of Recycle Livingston, and for your continued commitment to our earth.

Annaliese Gottschalk