170 Catrell Drive
Howell, MI 48843

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Recycling Hours

Wednesday | 10am – 4:30pm
Saturday | 9am – 1pm

Gate Fees

Residential Non-member $3
Business Non-member $10



Our Annual Shredding Event has been canceled this Saturday, April 14th, and rescheduled for Saturday, April 28th! 

Recycle Livingston will also be closed this Saturday, April 14th, due to the expected heavy rains!  Because of the flooding issues heavy rains bring to the site, among other things, we cannot recycle wet materials, especially paper!

Please accept our most sincere apology for the inconvenience


Meet Recycle Livingston

Recycle Livingston is the only non-profit recycling center serving the residents of Livingston County Since 1989. We are committed to reducing the flow of solid waste to local landfills and have expanded our program to include many hard to recycle items including household batteries, Styrofoam, computers, and latex paint. In fact, many of the items we accept for recycling are difficult and expensive to recycle. Since our inception we have relied on volunteer support so that we can continue to keep our services available to everyone and to provide those services at a minimal cost.

When the markets for materials change we also have to change, so please go to the Information tab to learn more about what we can recycle and what we cannot. It is important to keep our materials sorted and acceptable to our vendors and, while we wish we could recycle everything, we are committed to recycling 100% of the items you bring in. Should items that are not recyclable get mixed in with items that are, not only will our vendors not accept the materials, we run the risk of having our hard work end up in the landfill. We pledge to continue to seek out new markets and we will continue to strive to recycle as much as we can with your assistance.

News & Updates

The Kellogg Family Foundation has partnered with Recycle Livingston in support of their mission to promote recycling and waste reduction in Livingston County. The Kellogg Family Foundation is committed to creating opportunities for local organizations, helping them branch into new areas of need and expanding existing programs to serve more people.

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