Accepted Items

In alphabetical order, here is our most up to date list of materials we can recycle:
*Please note that if it is not listed, it is not accepted for recycling.

American Flags

  • Volunteers take gently used American Flags to either the American Legion Hall or Boy Scout Troops for proper retirement.


  • We accept stoves, refrigerators, dehumidifiers, freezers, air conditioners, water coolers, etc. A general rule of thumb for recycling appliances is: any item that is 85% metals can be recycled. So this list also contains lawn mowers, gas grills, etc. among other items.  However please make sure all fluids are drained out of such metal items.
  • For all items containing Freon, members will be charged $10 per item and non-members will be charged $15 per item plus the $3 gate fee.  
  • Note:  This charge does not increase revenue for Recycle Livingston.


  • We accept all sizes of household batteries, lithium, or hearing aid batteries.
  • We cannot accept car batteries

Boat Tarps

  • Members can drop off one (1) tarp at no additional charge. Additional tarps are $2/each.
  • Non-Members can drop off one (1) tarp for the $3 gate fee. All additional tarps are $2/each.
  • Business Members can drop off a maximum of four (4) boat tarps at no additional charge. Additional tarps are $2/each.
  • Non Business Members can drop off one (1) boat tarp for the $10 gate fee. We will accept an additional six (6) tarps per visit for $2/each.


  • We accept all corrugated cardboard. Please flatten and remove any inner linings from all corrugated cardboard and box-board such as Kleenex boxes. Only place box-board that has a brown/gray color on the inside with cardboard. Box-board that has a white lining belongs with mixed paper. Brown paper bags also belong with cardboard. No need to remove staples.
  • We cannot accept plastic or waxy coated refrigerator or freezer containers such as milk containers, orange juice, ice cream or frozen dinner boxes even if the container contains a recycling symbol.

Cell Phones

  • We accept all makes and models of cell phones and accessories.

Christmas Lights

  • We accept the strings of Christmas lights and there is no need to remove the bulbs.
  • We cannot accept just the light bulbs

Clothing/Household Textiles

  • New, used, worn, laundered clothing of all types including jackets, coats, sweaters, undergarments, athletic gear, bathing suits, hats, gloves, socks, laptop covers, small luggage, purses, wallets, dress up costumes, jewelry, soft toys, stuffed animals, blankets, sheets, pillows, memory foam pillows, towels, shower curtains, comforters, drapery, mats, small rugs, and more.
  • Of course if the item is still in great repair, wonderful! However, stained, torn, worn out clothing or material (think old towels, sheets, rags) are welcome as well.

DVD/CD/Cassette/VHS/Hard Drives

  • This material can only be accepted at the office trailer for a fee of $.30/lb every site days or by appointment.  This material must be free of any plastic covers or paper sleeves. Please call 517.548.4439 for appointments.


  • Beginning March 1st, 2016, a recycling fee must now be collected for all electronic items we accept for recycling. Please view the Important Notice for more information.


  • We accept only clear glass as of July 6th, 2017. Rinse thoroughly and remove any plastic or metal lids accordingly. We can only recycle food container glass or beverage container glass such as wine, beer, pop, etc.
  • We can no longer accept brown, green, or blue glass until further notice.
  • We cannot accept drinking glasses, mirrors, perfume bottles, glass shelves or table tops, leaded glass, windows, auto glass, ceramic dishes or Pyrex glass.

Juice Bag Pouches

  • We accept juice bag pouches and method soap pouches through Terracycle. Pouches must be empty and clean.

Latex Paint

  • Important Change:  As of July 1st, we will no longer be accepting 5 gallon containers of Paint due to heavy contamination and a large price increase from our paint vendor E-Paint. 

    As of July 1st, our pricing structure will be as follows:

    Quart Sized or Smaller Containers of Latex paint - $1

    Gallon Sized Containers of Latex Paint - $3

Latex Paint Only is accepted.  Please call 517.545.9609 for information on how to dispose of oil based products.


  • We accept tin cans, aluminum, and all metals combined. Rinse thoroughly and there is no need to remove the labels. Remember, any items containing 85% metal or more is recyclable.

Mixed Paper

  • We accept most categories of paper and it can be all be combined in the same container. This includes magazines, junk mail, white and colored paper, hard and soft cover books, envelopes, construction paper, manila folders, and non-glossy box-board that is white inside. No need to remove staples, however large paper clips or other metal attachments should always be removed.
  • We cannot accept gift wrap, tissue paper, paper plates, napkins, or paper towels.


  • We accept all newsprint like paper including phone books, newsprint packing paper, etc. Please keep newspaper material separate from the mixed paper. There is no need to remove inserts that come with newspapers.

Plastics #1 through #7

  • We accept most plastic materials marked #1 through #7 combined. You can place all of the plastic together in one clear bag, brown paper bag, or reusable tote. Labels can be left on and please remember to rinse thoroughly. The container must contain the recycling symbol and a number. The number tells the vendor what grade of plastic material is made from.


  • We accept wearable shoes and boots. International Trading Solution sends our shoes to other countries where they are used for walking long distances and to work. 
  • We cannot accept high heeled shoes, flip flops, slippers or torn up shoes.


  • We accept most polystyrene foam in the form of meat trays, cups, restaurant carry out containers, packing Styrofoam, etc. We request that all Styrofoam is rinsed clean of any food debris.
  • We cannot accept packing peanuts. Check with a local UPS store as they often accept them for reuse. Nor can we accept Styrofoam Insulation.

Vinyl Siding

  • We accept regular vinyl siding in all colors and condition.
  • We cannot accept plastic lumber, plastic lattice or mini blinds.

And with vendors, there is always an exception to the rule. So carefully read the information below:

  • Plastic grocery bags, #2 and #4, are acceptable and should be dry and clean. Rule of thumb: our vendor requests that we only accept bags you can faintly see your hand through the plastic and contain the recycling symbol.
  • Plastic water softener bags and cog/cat food bags only can be accepted if they contain the recycling symbol with #1-#7 clearly marked.
  • Motor oil containers with the recycle symbol can be accepted, but they must be empty of oil.
  • Outdoor plastic lawn furniture and children’s toys are accepted if they are made of 100% hard formed plastic material. Some will contain the recycling symbol to aid us. Remove any metal or non plastic from the material.
  • Empty and dry plastic latex paint cans are acceptable.