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PO Box 1018 Howell, MI 48844

A Non-Profit Recycling Organization Serving Livingston County Since 1989

Accepted Materials

Hard to Recycle Loads

Recycle Livingston cannot always accept extremely large or unusual loads of material. Certain types of plastic, foam, and glass are not recyclable. Please fill out the form and give it to the Executive Director along with a sample of the materials. The Executive Director will contact the vendor for approval. View Hard To Recycle Instructions for detailed information.

Keep it Clean and Separated!


Please properly prepare and separate each of the following materials before you bring them to the center. Remain in your vehicle. Unloaders will inspect and unload your recyclables as quickly as possible. We ask recyclers who are non members for a $3.00 donation per vehicle.

Unaccepted Materials

You can contact the Livingston County Solid Waste Program for instructions on how to dispose of some of these items.